July 23 - July 26 2014
Uferstudios, Berlin

July 29 - August 2, 2014
FA STU, Bratislava

Parametric Berlin & Bratislava Grasshopper Summer school
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Parametric Berlin & Bratislava Summer school
aimed to get introduced and become proficient with the loop based algorithms, using the Anemone plug in for Grasshopper.


Teaching from 9am till 5pm +.


Two main tutors + one crash course tutor at each Summer school.


Rhinoceros, Grasshoper, Anemone, Starling, Weaverbird, Mesh tools, Mesh edit...


Summer schools in Berlin and Bratislava will cover full topics.

Full schedule

Workshop tutors

from Poland, USA, Iran, Slovakia

Mateusz Zwierzycki

Author of Anemone and Starling.

Mike Pryor

Grasshopper tutor, online publisher.

Rojiar Soleimani

Grasshopper power user, 3D Dreamer.

Jan Pernecky

Architecture theorist, digital artist, teacher.


Prices apply to both, Berlin and Bratislava.

3D dreamer

299 €

  • For 3D Dreaming regulars
  • Always the lowest price
  • Crash course: +49 €
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359 €

  • For professional designers
  • Price after July 13 2014: 389 €
  • Crash course: +49 €
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Detailed info

The Summer school will explore parametric design augmented with iterative methods - mathematical models and systems such as cellular automata, l-systems, agent based modelling etc. Thanks to Anemone, we can recreate them easily in Grasshopper. On the Summer school we will focus on merging these complex systems with parametric design, explore emergent behaviors, chaos, fractals and many more inspiring concepts based on the principles of looping data as opposed to strictly left-to-right rule based systems that are typical in Grasshopper.

Course goal

To introduce and become proficient with the concepts of loop based algorithms, using the Anemone plug in for Grasshopper.

General topics

Looping, Iteration, Recursion, Rewriting, Cellular automata, L-systems, Fractals, Agent based modelling, Parametric modelling

Parametric Berlin / Bratislava

Thanks to Mateusz Zwierzycki’s Anemone plugin, it is possible to bring advanced complex systems into the usual Grasshopper workflow. Anemone allows for looping, nested looping, auto-triggered iterative computation, which in the terms of design opens the entire new world of recursion, L-systems, cellular automata, multi-agent systems and most of all, emergent behaviors of complex systems. A large amount of simple and easily controlled agents interact with each other in time and change their own state along with a state of the entire system. This way it is possible to produce virtually infinite complexity of design while keeping the logic simple and well understandable. The Summer school is intended for intermediate Grasshopper users who want to bring their skill to a whole new level of emergent design. For the Grasshopper/Rhino newcomers we are offering a quick crash course with Rojiar and Ján one day before the main course with Mike and Mateusz.
The Summer school will explore several design approaches on the examples prepared specifically for this purpose. At the end the participants will end up with a set of well-explained exercises and a final sketch project of their own. All participants who will present their work at the end of the Summer school will receive a certificate signed by the tutors and the dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology. Many universities award their students with regular ECTS credits for such document.

ECTS credits

All eligible students who will participate and finish in the ITERATIVE INTERPRETATIONS Summer school in Bratislava will receive a certificate signed by the tutors and the dean of the Faculty of Architecture, STU stating exact content and scope of the teaching activity. The Berlin participants will only recieve certificates with the signatures of the tutors. The participants can use the certificate for applying for ECTS at their domestic institute. We expect it to be awarded 2 ECTS respective to the rules of the participant's domestic university.


No specific skills are required to participate in this Summer school although any programming knowledge, basic Rhinoceros skills and basic Grasshopper skills are welcome. We will have short overviews of Grasshopper logic but will mostly focus on looping logics via the Anemone plug-in. For those with no former Rhinoceros or Grasshopper experience an optional one-day crash course will take place one day before the main Summer school with 3D Dreaming own tutors - Ján Pernecký and Rojiar Soleimani.

The Summer school and all supplemental events will be held in English.

Participants should bring their own laptop with pre-installed software. The software package needed has no additional cost for the participant (Rhino can be downloaded as evaluation version, Grasshopper and sub-plugins are free). The only fully supported platform is proper MS Windows and the participants are strongly discouraged to use virtualization tools such as Parallels, VM Ware or VirtualBox. The recommended solution for Mac owners is a BootCamp Windows installation.


WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM REQUIRED! There is no Grasshopper for Mas OS. If you are using a Mac you must have Windows installed using bootcamp, parralles, or some other virtual windows installation.
Rhinoceros 5 is required and should be installed prior to the Summer school. If you do not have Rhinoceros 5 an evaluation copy can be downloaded for free.
Grasshopper 3d can be downloaded for free and should be installed prior to the Summer school.
Anemone plug-in for Grasshopper will be used for looping. It can be downloaded for free.
Weaverbird plug-in for Grasshopper will be used for mesh smoothing. It can be downloaded for free.
Mesh edit plug-in for Grasshopper will be used for additional mesh utilities. It can be downloaded for free.
Mesh tools plug-in for Grasshopper will be used for additional mesh utilities. It can be downloaded for free.
All these plug-ins should be installed priot to the Summer school.
Additional plug-ins for Grasshopper may be used. We will let you know as time gets closer or we may download and install them at the Summer school. Most plug ins can be found at food4rhino website

Important note

3D Dreaming and rese arch promote world class teaching for everybody and strive at finding the best people and offering the best prices for further education or post professional courses in the field of architecture and design. The organizer does not provide any refund in the case of a missed participation. In the case of activity cancellation the participants will get a full refund before the end of the scheduled activity or a respective sum in case a part of the activity will have been already conduced. The participants will have to come to the activity with her/his own computer and a working latest version of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper with relative plug-ins. Eventual needed files will be given by the tutors via email or in person. A short troubleshooting session will be conduced at the beginning of the Summer school. The organization team is not responsible for any issues linked to the participants or to software or hardware in general. The data provided by the participants will not be shared with anybody.

Competition for current FA STU students

Pri príležitosti spolupráce 3D Dreaming a Fakulty Architektúry STU je pre študentov pripravená súťaž o dva plnohodnotné voľné vstupy na hlavnú časť workshopu. Pre zaradenie do výberu je potrebné najneskôr do 13.7.2014 zaslať na adresu email s predmetom “ ITERATIVE INTERPRETATIONS - Sutaz” akýkoľvek autorský (vlastný) grafický alebo textový materiál, ktorý demonštruje, že študent bude vedieť využiť vedomosti získané na workshope. Zo zaslaných prác hlavní tútori Michael Pryor a Mateusz Zwierzycki vyberú dvoch študentov, ktorí sa workshopu zúčastnia bezplatne. Súťaže sú oprávnení sa zúčastniť súčasní študenti (prvého, druhého a tretieho stupňa) Fakulty Architektúry STU, ktorí ešte v podobnej ponuke nezískali účasť na workshope 3D Dreaming. Do súťaže sa môžu prihlásiť aj už zaregistrovaní študenti a v prípade úspechu im bude účastnícky poplatok vrátený.


Fabio Palvelli
Jan Pernecky
Matej Hoppan

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The prices for workshops in Berlin and Bratislava are the same.



The Summer schools are organized and supported by


  • Uferstudios GmbH
    Uferstr. 8/23 (Tor 2, Post- und Lieferadresse)
    Badstr. 41a (Tor 1)
    13357 Berlin


  • Fakulta Architektúry STU
    Námestie Slobody 2911/19
    811 06 Bratislava